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How PositionMatch Works

PositionMatch provides a customized dashboard with best-in-class set metrics for today’s CEOs. Its highly accurate, video-based assessment tool is a cost-effective way to quantify leadership style, agility, interpersonal and cultural fit of both external candidates and internal talent.

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Ensures Cultural Fit

Using a proprietary, video-based assessment technique that reveals a candidate’s true on-the-job behavior, not just their “interview persona,” ensures the crucial factor of hiring individuals whose interpersonal style and behavior will be a positive addition to a particular team.

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Enables a Values Match

PositionMatch™ benchmarks an organization’s unique cultural values, using a company-wide survey that assesses the attitudes of all staff. Once a baseline is established, job candidates take a values-based survey to determine their fit.

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Captures Leadership Agility

Leadership agility is a key indicator of an individual’s ability to ascend in an organization, and it’s an important quality for success in every team player — from line workers to the C-suite.

Our unique assessment method, developed during 20-plus years of executive-level assessment experience, allows companies to conduct a thoughtful evaluation of the important quality of leadership agility in job candidates. Responding via webcam to real-world case studies, candidates reveal their aptitude for leading teams while providing a visual representation of their leadership style. PositionMatch™ is vastly superior to the face-to-face interview and saves on both travel costs and valuable management time.

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Takes Only Minutes to Complete

The comprehensive, three-part assessment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. It includes a three-minute personal statement, values-based survey, and real-world business case studies to visually display interpersonal style, as well as leadership agility.

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Delivers Results

Once completed, both employer and the employee will receive a detailed and personalized report. This data is used to:

  • Identify individual career goals and skills and suggest areas for development.
  • Clarify each employee’s value system compared with that of the company.
  • Advise about leadership potential and how best to improve it.

All individual results are stored in PositionMatch™’s highly secure, centralized system for ongoing talent tracking by HR, the CEO, and senior management with assigned permissions.

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