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Unlock the Value of Your Human Capital.

PositionMatch addresses the No. 1 pain point in the C-suite today: how to hire the best talent efficiently and cost-effectively, develop and improve internal staff, and retain key personnel. PositionMatch uses best-in-class assessment techniques combined with today’s easily accessible online video capabilities to take costs, time, and failed hires out of the recruitment process.

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Why PositionMatch?

Ensures Culture Fit

The PositionMatch™ platform reveals a job candidate’s true value system, allowing an objective side-by-side assessment with the company’s own culture. Candidate videos also give HR leaders the ability to view someone’s interpersonal style — a key component in determining fit.

Proven Methodologies and Measurement Expertise

Founder and CEO Dr. Justin Menkes studied under leadership guru Peter Drucker. Menkes went on to identify the core predictors of success and develop measurement methodologies in use by thousands of executives today. In 2015, he created PositionMatch™ as a fully automated, video-based tool that runs on the latest data science technology to populate customizable intelligent dashboards.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Partners

PositionMatch™ offers the most objective, data-driven approach to lowering your recruiting and assessment costs, gives instant and substantive feedback to candidates, and dramatically reduces the costs while improving the yield of your recruiting practices. Contact us to discover why Chevron, MetLife and PPG have all trusted Menkes to unlock the value of human capital.

Grows Leaders. Identifies Talent.

PositionMatch™ uses the The Menkes Method™, a proven assessment developed by Menkes from several decades as a globally recognized expert in assessment. No more expense flying in candidates that would make a poor fit. PositionMatch™ does the heavy lifting: It records, analyzes and reports. Management can see visual proof of who made the short list of suitable talent, both external and within the organization.

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Find out why PositionMatch™ offers the most strategic approach to leadership and promotion/succession planning, team building, and relocation assignments.


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